This committee is concerned with plans for the use and renovation of existing facilities and other physical resources, and with the planning of new facilities. Its function include (1) the broad consideration of the impact (including aesthetic features) of any project on the larger community - students, faculty, and staff; and (2) the sharing of information regarding such projects within the University community. Some projects, once underway, may involve building committees, and a faculty member from this committee will serve as a liaison on all such committees.

The membership of the committee is as follows:

  • Vice President for Finance and Administration
  • 6 Faculty (elected for three-year terms; one from each of the following: Arts and Humanities, Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Social Sciences, University Studies, Physical Education, Recreation and Athletics and at-large)
  • 2 Students (elected at large by the Student Senate for two-year terms)
  • President of the Student Association (or designate)
  • Provost (or designate)
  • Dean of the College (or designate)
  • Director of Sustainability
  • Director of Academic Support and Disability Services
  • Director of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action

The committee meets regularly and normally once per month. The committee will report regularly and no less than once a year, to the faculty. The chair is elected annually from the faculty members of the membership of the committee.

Members 2021-22

Ellen Kraly, Interim Dean of the Faculty & Provost   Staff to the Committee
Trish St. Leger, Vice Provost   Stephen Hughes, Assoc. VP for Facilities/Cap. Proj.
Ellen Holm, Dean of the College Rep.   Nicki Moore, VP & Dir. of Athletics
JS Hope, VP for Finance & Administration   Joe Hernon, Assoc. VP for Campus Safety
Tamala Flack, Title IX Coordinator and Equity and Diversity Officer    
John Pumilio, Dir. of Sustainability    
Elle Winter (SGA Pres)  
Ian Helfant 2022 (H)  
Rick Klotz 2024 (SS)  
Vijay Ramachandran 2022 (NS)  
Jacob Mundy 2023 (US)  
Juliana Smith 2022 (PE)  
Beth Parks 2023 (AL)  
TBD (S)