Colgate's academic centers and institutes serve the academic mission of the University by advancing research, study, collaboration, and thought on campus and off.

Center for Freedom and Western Civilization

The Center for Freedom and Western Civilization is a forum for civic debate and scholarly research that enlivens the intellectual discourse among students and faculty by promoting a set of ideals that have their origins in Western civilization, but are universal in scope and appeal.

Center for International Programs

The Center for International Programs supports globally focused programming and educational initiatives at the University, preparing students for success in an increasingly global world and economy.

Center for Language and Brain

The Center for Language and Brain employs a fundamentally interdisciplinary approach to research exploring questions regarding foreign language instruction and learning.

Center for Learning, Teaching, and Research

The Center for Learning, Teaching, and Research is dedicated to enhancing learning and teaching in support of the liberal arts.

Center for Women's Studies

The Center for Women’s Studies is a multipurpose space where students, faculty, and staff can gather to discuss a multitude of topics spanning the feminist spectrum and considering the intersectionality of identities and various forms of oppression.

Lampert Institute for Civic and Global Affairs

The Lampert Institute encourages interdisciplinary study and debate on civic affairs and public leadership. The institute combines on-campus educational programs with faculty-mentored off-campus student research, allowing liberal arts insights to shape solutions to the globe’s most challenging public problems.

Picker Interdisciplinary Science Institute

The Picker Interdisciplinary Science Institute promotes the creation of new knowledge that is obtainable only through the development of sustained interdisciplinary research. It does so by promoting collaborative research leveraging the value of Colgate's liberal arts alignment.

Upstate Institute

The Upstate Institute promotes an understanding of the cultural, social, economic, and environmental resources of Upstate New York.

W.M Keck Center for Language Study

The Keck Center is a high-tech space for the exploration of language and culture, promoting global perspectives in education.

Writing and Speaking Center

The writing consultants of the Writing and Speaking Center provide students with guidance in their work regarding concepts such as focus, structure, style, and grammar. Speaking consultants are available to assist students as they plan and practice the delivery of presentations.