Campus & Facilities

Carefully preserved architecture, immaculate grounds, and a hillside setting, rank Colgate’s campus among the most beautiful in the nation.


Colgate is composed of 88 buildings, each designed to complement each other and build a singular architectural language, with construction dates ranging from 1827 to 2019. It sits on nearly 600 acres of land, nestled on a hillside at the northern edge of the Allegheny Plateau, and is home to sugar maples, northern red oaks, and Taylor Lake.

Taken together, campus is a friendly and close-knit place where students develop lifelong bonds with Colgate, with each other, and with faculty and staff.

Students and alumni fondly remember iconic experiences like climbing Cardiac Hill between upper and lower campuses, sharing a first kiss (or getting engaged) on Willow Path, and taking part in many meaningful events in Memorial Chapel.

Students meet in the lounge that bridges the two wings of Persson Hall during an autumn day

Colgate Facilities

Beyond the idyllic setting, and behind the historic facades of Colgate’s campus, students and faculty benefit from living, learning, and working in the most modern of facilities.

Colgate backs its commitment to holistic student development with an array of on-campus amenities that spans from a planetarium to a natatorium.

What’s Spring like on Colgate’s campus? Judge for yourself in only 13 seconds.