Ho Tung Visualization Laboratory

The Ho Tung Visualization Lab is a digital planetarium that immerses audience members in stunning visualizations from sliding down a microscope to the far reaches of the cosmos.

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Ho Tung Visualization Lab
Armed with Digistar from Evans & Sutherland, the lab continues to be on the cutting edge of immersive technology. Working with Vis Lab staff and faculty, students learn to produce and present fulldome content for school field trips, public shows, and Colgate courses.

The Vis Lab will be closed for public showings April 29 through June 3.  We will have special showings during Commencement (May 17-18) and Reunion Weekends (May 30 - June 2).


Contact Information

Ho Tung Visualization Lab
Colgate University
13 Oak Drive
Hamilton, NY 13346
Phone: 315-228-6125


Technical Director & Designer-Visualization Lab and Planetarium
Charles A. Dana Professor Physics and Astronomy
ITS Operations Coordinator


Name Class Year/Major Position

Seth Walden

2025/Film and Media Studies

Producer, 2D/3D Graphics, Animation, Video Editing & Effects

Anna Fellman 2023/Economics and Philosophy Presenter & Outreach Educator, Digistar Programmer
Charlotte (Charlie) Filipovich 2023/Environmental and Earth Sciences Presenter & Outreach Educator, 2D Graphics & Design
Ellie Humphreys 2024 Presenter & Outreach Educator
Samay Gupta 2024 Presenter & Outreach Educator
Krelyn Zacarias 2025 Presenter & Outreach Educator
Will Aspinwall 2025 Presenter & Outreach Educator, Digistar Programmer, Exhibit Curator
Molly Lambert 2025 Presenter & Outreach Educator
Katie Victor 2025/Astrogeophysics Presenter & Outreach Educator, 2D Graphics & Design, Writer
Ha-Eun Choi 2025/Physics and Astronomy Presenter & Outreach Educator, Digistar Programmer
Maria Vieira 2026 Presenter & Outreach Educator, Digistar Programmer
Carissa Edwards-Mendez 2023 Producer, 2D Graphics & Design, 360 Virtual Tour Programmer
Jackson Kustell 2025/Physics Producer, Presenter & Outreach Educator, Digistar Programmer
Danny Ruiz 2025 Producer, Musician, Sound Design & Editing
Jose Arriaza 2025 Producer, 2D Graphics & Design, Musician
Declan Maddison 2025 Producer, Video Editing, Animation, Digistar Programming
Jason Gan 2026 Producer, VR Developer/Programmer


Name Department Email
Thomas Balonek Physics and Astronomy tbalonek@colgate.edu
Jeff Bary Physics and Astronomy jbary@colgate.edu
Kenneth Belanger Biology kbelanger@colgate.edu
Adam Burnett Geography aburnett@colgate.edu
Robert Garland Classics rgarland@colgate.edu
Kiko Galvez Physics and Astronomy egalvez@colgate.edu
Karen Harpp Geology kharpp@colgate.edu
Santiago Juarez Anthropology and Native American Studies sjuarez@colgate.edu
Ernie Nolan Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Biology enolan@colgate.edu
Jeff Nugent Information Technology jnugent@colgate.edu


About the Lab

Robert H.N. Ho
Robert H.N. Ho

The Ho Tung Visualization Laboratory was a special gift to Colgate from Robert H.N. Ho '56 in memory of his grandfather Sir Robert Ho Tung.

Knighted twice by King George V and Queen Elizabeth II, Sir Robert Ho Tung was active as a businessman and philanthropist in the British Crown Colony of Hong Kong. At the September 15, 2007 dedication ceremony for the visualization lab, Mr. Ho quoted a Chinese proverb: "huh shwei, suh yuan"-"Drink water: consider source."

May those who discover new frontiers in this laboratory consider how they can model Sir Robert Ho Tung and Robert H.N. Ho's inspiring words.

A magical shot of Paul Catanese performing in the Vis Lab

Academics in the Lab

Students and faculty are using the lab to do incredible work. From exploring the galaxy to exploring ancient buildings, the lab lends itself to a variety of academic projects. 

Ho Tung Academics

Fluorescent minerals light up visiting students faces at visualization lab

Science Field Trips

We collaborate with Colgate’s greenhouse and geology museum to offer area teachers and their students incredible learning opportunities. To schedule a field trip or to find out more information about Colgate’s Science Outreach program, please call 315-228-6125 or email scienceoutreach@colgate.edu.

Groups are limited to no more than 60 students per visit.

Science Outreach



Ho Tung Visualization Lab re-opening August 2021.

Location and Access

The lab is a handicap-accessible facility on the Colgate University. It is located on the fourth floor of the Robert H.N. Ho Science Center, at the top of the main stairwell.

Available for:

  • Public shows
  • Field trips
  • Private shows

Quick Facts

Dome diameter: 10 meters
Capacity: 59 seats
System: Evans and Sutherland: Digistar 6 
Opened: March 28, 2008