Colgate's Robert H. N. Ho Science Center does significant outreach with school groups from throughout central New York during the year.

To schedule a field trip or to find out more information about Colgate's Science Outreach program, please email to or call 315-228-6325.

Groups are limited to no more than 50 students per visit.

Contact Information

Science outreach outdoor program
Teaching Astronomy outside Vis Lab.

Joe Eakin
Tech Director & Designer of Ho Tung Visualization Lab
Science Outreach Manager
408 Ho Science Center

Students perform hands-on activities in the Ho Tung Visualization Laboratory, the greenhouse, Linsley Geology Museum, and other areas of the Ho Science Center.

Science Outreach Virtual Demos 

Check out these fun science demos to do at home.

Activities and Demonstrations

Science outreach outdoor program
Experiments outside the Ho Science Center.

Below is a list of activities the science outreach center offers to school groups. They are based on grade level and are aligned to New York state learning standards.

Grades Pre K–1
Solar System, a night sky talk

Grades 1–2
Solar System/The Changing Earth: A look at the night sky; Linsley Geology Museum scavenger hunt

Grades 2–4
Solar System: A look at the night sky; meteorites show and tell

Grades 3–4
Energy: Van der Graaf generator

Grades 5–6
Evolution: Paleontological dig; Linsley Geology Museum fossil scavenger hunt

Solar System: Make a comet; night sky talk; meteorite display/Linsley Geology Museum

Forces: Volcanology

Grades 7+
Evolution: paleontological dig; Linsley Geology Museum 

Solar System: night sky talk; meteorite display/Linsley Geology Museum

Plant/The Changing Earth/Matter: greenhouse tour/make cytoplasm; Linsley Geology Museum

Energy: Van der Graaf generator