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Interested in summer activities for your K-12 student? 

Check out our available summer options in academics, arts and sports. Please refer to individual programs linked below for specific program information. During the academic year the Colgate University Max Shacknai Center for Outreach, Volunteerism, and Education (COVE) offers academic opportunities for high school students. The university does not offer any summer courses, but many Colgate students remain on campus throughout the summer to conduct high-level research with faculty members.

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K–12 Programs

Academic and Arts Programs 

June 26-July 24, 2022

This well-balanced program offers young people between the ages of 10 and 18 the opportunity to pursue musical studies through individual, class, and group instruction; to perform a wide range of instrumental and choral works in ensemble and concert; and to participate in supervised sports and other informal "fun" activities. The program builds confidence, teaches concentration, offers social opportunities, and helps develop sensitivity to, and pride in, the beautiful things in life.

This is a unique experience on one of the most beautiful college campuses in the country that provides confidence, fun, and an excellent music education for students of various abilities. Enroll in this popular program while space is still available.

Phone: 518-877-5121 or 866-777-7841
Website: Eastern U.S. Music Camp

June 24-August 7, 2022

SSA, established in 2010, is currently entering its eleventh summer at Colgate University - a traditional summer camp experience to remember coupled with an incredible over-200-point SAT score improvement!

Over those ten summers, we have helped hundreds of students improve thousands of points on the SAT -- both the old and the new. In that time, we have refined our curricula, learned more about the test and our children, honed our teaching, and learned how better to create a thriving community of learners. In other words - we've been doing this for a long time, and we just keep getting better!

Contact: Alyssa Bowlby, Camp Director and Co-Founder
Phone: 347-688-2329
Email: Alyssa Bowlby
Website: Socratic Summer Academy

June 24-August 7, 2022

The flagship program of the Yleana Leadership Foundation, the Yleana Leadership Academy works to transform students’ lives each year through our residential summer academy. We build confidence, self-efficacy, creativity, and SAT skills for high school students, empowering them to attend the college of their dreams.

Contact: Alyssa Bowlby, Co-Founder and Educational/Program Director
Phone: 347-688-2329
E-mail: Alyssa Bowlby
Website: Yleana Leadership Academy

Programs for Adults

July 10-August 7, 2022

For seven decades, musicians from all over the world have gathered each summer to play chamber music and to grow as musicians. What attracts these musicians, and brings them back, is the love of playing chamber music, the chance to learn from world-class performers and teachers, and the joy of seeing old friends and making new ones.

The Conference runs for four weeks in July and August. Most participants attend for one or two weeks. Conference participants comprise amateur musicians who range in age and ability, and who play strings (violin, viola, cello, and double bass), woodwinds (flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, and horn), piano, voice, and harp. All participants share a passion for chamber music and the desire for an intensive and rewarding learning experience.

Website: Chamber Music Conference

June 19-25, 2022

The Colgate Writers Conference senior staff is available to talk with participants about writing and the writing life, and to work with participants on creative nonfiction, poetry, novel, or short fiction. Whether participants are veteran writers or novices, the program offers a range of consultations, workshops, craft talks, panel discussions, readings, and informal conversations that will sustain long-range efforts or help participants get started.

Bring a story, a book in progress, some poems, or a novel and work with us on developing narrative strategies, verse techniques, and methods of research. Members of the publishing profession will also be here to discuss marketplace tactics.

Colgate News: Colgate Writers Conference fosters inspiration and camaraderie

Phone: 315-228-7760
Website: Colgate Writers Conference

June 25-July 1, 2022

KentMusic offers experienced string players the opportunity to spend six days intensively studying major works from the string quartet repertoire. Participants receive high-level coaching from world-class performing musicians, attend lectures and concerts by the faculty artists and have ample time for informal quartet readings and socializing. There are two public concerts on Wednesday, June 17, and Saturday, June 20, in the Colgate Memorial Chapel.

Phone: 617-308-4897
Website: Manhattan String Quartet

June 25-July 1, 2022

Contemporary society is suffused with images – we do not need to see them all. The necessary images are those in the service of building a better, more humane, more open world. What is really good is not a commodity. Cinema of real value is often considered imperfect or poor. Those who make such films and videos operate against the flow of popular taste and concern themselves with the ethics of their aesthetics.

The 66th Robert Flaherty Film Seminar will highlight artists of this type in an effort to locate and elaborate on the necessary image. What is really needed is an engaged, benevolent gaze. In organizing this year’s Seminar we are concerned with that gaze as mediated by the film and video camera – and not with what it captures but rather what it constructs.

A necessary image is one in which the lens is a scalpel, not a paintbrush, in which the maker is an artisan, not an aesthete, in which the curator is a polemicist, not a prospector. The necessary image is the elemental component of a necessary cinema. Such a cinema requires a viewer that is active, not passive. There is work to be done. What tools will you bring?

Colgate News: Flaherty Film Seminar shapes Colgate classroom experience
Colgate News: Flaherty Film Seminar turns Colgate "Inside Out"

Email: The Flaherty
Phone: 212-448-0457
Website: The Flaherty