Preparing Successful Applicants

An academic record is evaluated strictly in terms of course selection and achievement — that is, what a student did with what was available in the school attended. The typical distribution of high school courses across disciplines for most admitted students is:

  • Four years of English (especially composition and literature)
  • Four years of mathematics
  • Three or more years of natural and physical sciences, with a lab
  • Three or more years of social sciences (particularly advanced courses in history)
  • Three or more years of a foreign language

Colgate encourages elective coursework in the arts and strongly advises students to pursue honors and advanced-level courses in major areas of interest.

Colgate values the student with interests that reflect a curiosity and commitment as well as sympathy and excitement for the spirit of intellectual pursuits. Well-developed special interests, talents, and skills of all kinds can be a significant part of an admission application.

Colgate is committed to attracting people who represent a wide range of intellectual perspectives as well as diverse economic, racial, religious, and geographic backgrounds.

All admission credentials, from the traditional secondary school record and standardized testing to letters of reference that cite intellectual and creative promise, are important. Personal character and qualities that both reflect and determine the productive use of a student’s talent are also important to the admission decision.

Colgate partners with the Common and Coalition applications, Scoir, Naviance/EDocs, Parchment, and are happy to receive official communication from your school email address. Additionally, Colgate partners with to allow counselors to follow applicants from their school through Colgate's application process.

Admission and Financial Aid Policy Updates

No-Loan Initiative

Colgate is embracing a no-loan initiative for students with a total family income up to $125K, to be implemented in the fall of 2020. 

More about the no-loan initiative

Supplemental Essay No Longer Requested

Instead, students will answer two short response questions in the Colgate-specific areas of both the Common and Coalition application.​

Self-reported Testing Scores

Continuing from last year, ACT or SAT scores can be self-reported and will not require official fee waiver verification for students who qualify for a fee waiver in the Common Application or Coalition Application.