Off-Campus Study

Immersing in new cultures and perspectives through off-campus study is a significant growth experience for many students. Covered by financial aid, Colgate’s varied programs are within reach for all students.

COVID-19 and Updates regarding 2020-2021 off-campus academic programs

Opportunities for Off-Campus Study

Knowing that all students are unique in their interests, goals, and backgrounds, Colgate offers a variety of off-campus study opportunities.

From full semester programs led by Colgate faculty in specific subject areas, to extended studies of just a few weeks, to hundreds of approved programs at other institutions, there is plenty of flexibility for students to find an opportunity of interest.

Walk-in hours are a great way for students to get general information about studying off campus.
Peer advisers are available with basic information about options and processes, or to answer quick questions.
Peer Advising is available Monday - Friday from 10am to 5pm. An appointment is not required.
Students with specific or in-depth questions should make an individual advising appointment.

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Planning Your Off Campus Semester

Planning Timeline