W. M. Keck Center for Language Study

The Keck Center in Lawrence Hall is a high-tech space for the exploration of language and culture, promoting global perspectives in education.

Global Perspectives

The center's robust technology and study space support our commitment as a university to broaden students' perspectives. The center creates opportunities for students to explore diverse ways of thinking through both academic study and immersion in new languages and cultures.

Keck Center Staff

Director of the Keck Center for Language Study; Sr. Lecturer in Linguistics
Lawrence Hall - Keck Center

Language Interns

Each year Colgate hosts foreign language interns from eight different countries. With offices in the Keck Center, students are invited to develop their conversational language skills by speaking with these native speakers.

Their office is located in 17A2 Lawrence Hall.

Office Hours

Chiara Grandin

Office Hours: TBD 


Alexis Perrodin

Office Hours: TBD


Maxim Kurts

Office Hours: TBD


Ainhoa Zori

Office Hours: TBD


Leonie Stattelmann

Office Hours: TBD


Maysaa Alsharif



Chi-hsien (Jack) Hsueh

Office Hours: TBD



Sawa Fujimoto





Student Language Ambassadors

  • Brianna Botello '25
  • Diego Abanto Ibarguen '23
  • Bryan Pham '25