Charge to the Committee

The committee’s responsibilities include physical education, intercollegiate athletics, club sports, intramural athletics, and recreational activities. The committee (a) develops policy legislation for consideration by the Academic Affairs Board, (b) acts as an advisory body to the Director of the Division of Physical Education, Recreation and  Athletics, and (c) appoints faculty liaisons to each athletic team for one-year terms (which may be renewed) in consultation with the Athletic Director and Office of Student Athlete Academic Services.

The Committee reports its activities on a regular basis to the Academic Affairs Board, Faculty, and Student Senate.

The membership of the Committee on Athletics is as follows:

  • Director of the Division of Physical Education, Recreation and Athletics
  • Five faculty (one each from the Divisions of the Arts and Humanities, Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Physical Education, Recreation and Athletics, Social Sciences, and University Studies; elected by the faculty for three-year terms, which are renewable)
  • One faculty member of the Academic Affairs Board (elected by members of the Academic Affairs Board for a one-year term, which is renewable)
  • Three students (two students elected by the Student Athlete Advisory Committee for one-year terms, which are renewable; and one student elected by the Student Senate for a one-year term, which is renewable)
  • Director of Student Athlete Academic Services
  • Patriot League Policy Member Representative
  • Colgate Faculty Athletic Representative to the NCAA
  • One head coach (appointed by the Committee on Athletics)
  • Dean of the Faculty (or designate)
  • Dean of the College (or designate)
  • Title IX Deputy
  • University President (ex officio)

Meeting Times

Once per month, Wednesdays at 8:00 a.m.


Lesleigh Cushing, Provost and Dean of the Faculty  
Doug Johnson, Dean of Academic & Curricular Affairs, Patriot League Policy Member  
Paul McLoughlin, Vice President and Dean of the College  
Trish St. Leger, Vice Provost, Title IX Representative  
Yariv Amir ’01, Vice President and Director of Athletics  
Toni Rogers, Deputy Athletics Director for Internal Operations/Senior Woman Administrator  
Erin Engelhardt, Director of Student Athlete Academic Enhancement  
Ryan Baker, Head Volleyball Coach (appt)  
Jason Meyers, Colgate Faculty Athletic Representative to the NCAA, AAB rep  
Taylor Cigna '24 SAAC Co-President
Mike Thomas '24 SAAC Co-President
*Masha Hedberg 2025 (SS)
*Joel Sommers 2026 (NS)
*TBD 2024 (PE)
Benjamin Lennertz 2025 (H)
*Mieka Erley 2024 (US)
Noah Golabek (S)

*M. Hedberg – replaced by Chad Sparber (fall)
*M. Erley – replaced by ___________ (year)
*J. Springer – replaced by Steve Chouinard (year)
*J. Sommers– replaced by ___________ (spring)