The Committee on Promotion and Tenure will review and make recommendations to the dean of faculty and president on all cases for third-year review, promotion to associate professor, the granting of tenure, and promotion to full professor. Because recommendations are reached through careful evaluation of the dossier according to the Guidelines for Reappointment, Tenure and Promotion, the dean of faculty and the president should treat the elected committee's recommendations with a high degree of deference.

The Committee

  • The committee shall consist of one full professor representing each of the four academic divisions and one position at large.
  • Members will serve three-year terms.
  • The at-large position will be open to both full and associate professors in those four divisions; associate professors must have at least three years in rank before serving.
  • The committee will choose a chair from among the full professors.
  • The chair will normally have at least one year of experience on the Committee or as a division director.
  • The division director (or directors, in the case of a joint appointment) will be present at all of the meetings pertaining to the candidate in his or her division.


Members 2023-24



Spencer Kelly

2026 (NS)

*Jyoti Khanna

2024 (SS)

Martin Wong

2026 (AL)

Connie Harsh

2025 (US)

DeWitt Godfrey (chair)

2025 (AH)


*J. Khanna – replaced by Peter Scull (fall)