Committee Charge

The Committee on Admission and Financial Aid is concerned with the policies and implementation of policies governing the admission of students and the granting of scholarships and student aid. Legislative or policy proposals of the Committee are referred to the Academic Affairs Board. 

Meeting Times

The committee will convene at a time convenient to committee members.


Members 2022-2023

Gary Ross, VP & Dean of Admission   Consultants
John Collins, Assoc.  VP for Budget & Fin Planning   Dorsey Spencer, Dean of Students
Tara Bubble, Dean of Admission   Doug Johnson, Assoc. Dean of the Faculty
Gina Soliz, Director of Financial Aid  

Steve Wright, Assoc. Dean of Fellowship Advising

Lauren Philbrook 2025 (AL) Sarah Courtney, Asst. Dean for Admin. Advising
Timothy Byrnes 2025 (AL)  
Karen Harpp 2023 (AL)  
Maura Tumulty 2025 (AL)  
Fredy Alvarado-Retana '25  (S)  
Elina Sen-Ghosh '24  (S)  
Charlotte Prendergast '24  (S)