Charge to the Committee

The Committee on Academic Advising is responsible for all aspects of Colgate’s programs for academic advising. The committee will:

  • respond to questions and requests proposed to it by the board;
  • review proposed changes in policies and programs affecting academic advising, and;
  • review existing academic advising policies and programs and make recommendations to the board as seems desirable to the committee.

Membership will consist of:

  • Chair of Academic Advising, a faculty member appointed to a three-year renewable term by the dean of the faculty
  • Four faculty members (one each from the Divisions of the Arts and Humanities, Natural Sciences and Mathematics, and Social Sciences, and University Studies; elected by the faculty for staggered three-year terms) 
  • Two students elected by the Student Senate
  • The chair of the First-Year Seminar Program
  • A representative of the Academic Affairs Board
  • Dean of First-Year Students (ex officio)
  • Director of Academic Support & Disability Services (ex officio)
  • Registrar (ex officio)

Meeting Times

2-3 times per semester. Thursdays 11:30-12:30


Contact the chair of the advising committee for agenda and minutes.


Members Term
Kim Taylor, Dean of the College Representative (Ex Officio)  
Evelyn Lester, Director of Disability Service (Ex Officio)  
Neil Albert, University Registrar (Ex Officio)  
Barbara Hoopes (chair)  (Appt)
Rebecca Shiner 2023 (NS)
*Janel Benson 2025 (SS)
Ben Lennertz 2024 (H)
Paul Humphrey 2024 (US)
Robert Nemes/Ahmet Ay AAB representative(s)
Jeff Bary Director, FSEM program
Abby Bradley '25 (S)
Lia Veit '25 (S)

*J. Benson - replaced by Erik Lillethun (fall)