The Curriculum Committee deals with questions and problems of all parts of Colgate's curriculum.  The Committee will (a) respond to questions and requests proposed to it by the Board; (b) review proposed changes in policies affecting the curriculum and make recommendations to the Board; and (c) review existing curricular policies and make recommendations to the Board as seems desirable to the Committee.

The membership of the Curriculum Committee is as follows: 

  • Four faculty (one each from the Divisions of the Arts and Humanities, Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Social Sciences and University Studies)
  • 1 Student representative from the Academic Affairs Board
  • 1 Student (elected by the Student Senate)
  • Associate Dean of the Faculty (​ex officio​, nonvoting)
  • Registrar (​ex officio​, nonvoting)

The chair of the Curriculum Committee is a faculty member elected by the Curriculum Committee.


How to submit a new course proposal:


Meeting Times

The committee will convene as needed.


All new courses, i.e., those not listed in the ​Colgate University Catalog​, must be approved by the faculty on the Curriculum Committee before being offered. A faculty member who wishes to have a new course approved should complete the appropriate form and secure the approval of the department or program chair and the division director, who will forward the request to the Curriculum Committee for action. This should be completed by early February for inclusion in the next ​Catalog

Members 2024-25

Scott Mehl 2027 (AH) Ex Officio, Non-voting
Rob Davis 2026 (NS) Sue Burdick, Deputy Registrar
*Chandra Russo 2025 (SS) Doug Johnson, Dean of Academic and Curricular Affairs
Daniella Doron 2027 (US)  
  AAB (S)  

*C. Russo - replaced by Monica Mercado (Fall 2024)