The Office of Undergraduate Studies (OUS) scholars program promotes access to educational opportunities and provides continued academic support to students who have demonstrated a potential to thrive in their lives at Colgate by overcoming significant educational and economic hurdles at home. Eligibility for admission to Colgate through OUS is determined at the time of admission and no separate application is necessary.

Candidates for OUS have shown ability, ambition, creativity, intellect, and determination in the face of personal, economic, educational, cultural, and social challenges. OUS Scholars have identified and pursued the most demanding academic paths available to them, often without the mentorship or assistance of a dedicated college adviser. Students selected to become OUS scholars are change agents at home, in their schools, and in their local communities. They illustrate a commitment to equity, access, and advocacy for social justice. Their essays and letters of recommendation evoke these themes and highlight their standing as voices of conscience.

OUS hosts Colgate’s Undergraduate Scholars Program, a supportive four-year program that taps the potential of each OUS Scholar, particularly in terms of academic excellence and leadership in the traditions of the liberal arts.

Meet the Office of Undergraduate Studies Staff

Professor of Educational Studies; Chair, Dept. of Educational Studies; Academic Director, Office of Undergraduate Studies
  • TR 12:30pm - 2:00pm (19 Persson Hall)
  • W 11:00am - 2:00pm (OUS House #8)
Senior Associate Director for the Office of Undergraduate Studies