Charge to the Committee

The Off-Campus Study Committee (OCSC) is appointed by the Dean of the Faculty and consists of the Director of Off-Campus Study and a faculty representative from each academic division. The committee reviews all proposals for off-campus study programs (study groups, extended studies, sophomore residential seminars, etc.) and conducts periodic assessments of longstanding study groups and approved programs. Curricular matters related to off-campus study should be directed to the Chair of the OCSC, but the Dean’s Advisory Council is ultimately responsible for the curriculum. The Director of Off-Campus Study (OCS), who serves on the committee and reports to the Dean of the Faculty, is responsible for the general oversight and logistical support of off-campus academic programs.

Meeting Times

Set at the convenience of committee members.

Members 2024-25      
Gunog Seo 2025 (NS)   Ex Officio
Mary Simonson 2026 (UN)   April Baptiste, Associate Dean of the Faculty
Ed Fogarty  2025 (SS)   Joanna Holvey-Bowles, Dir of OCS
Brenton Sullivan 2027 (H)   Cas Sowa, Assoc. Dir. of OCS
      Neil Albert/Shannon Roher, Registrar's Office Rep.
      Consultant, non-voting
      Cory Duclos, Director of the Keck Center