This committee is concerned with institution-wide planning at the University. It meets regularly to confer about the implementation of existing institutional plans, to examine issues of long-term planning, and to advise the President on matters of importance to the university community. A faculty member chosen by the faculty members of the committee reports to the Faculty at least once a year.

The membership of the Committee is as follows:

  • President
    • Dean of the Faculty/Provost
    • Dean of the College
    • Vice President for Finance and Administration
    • 4 Faculty (one member each from the divisions of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities, and University Studies), elected to staggered 3-year, nonrenewable terms
    • Chair of the FAC
    • Chair of the Faculty Affirmative Action Oversight Committee
    • One staff member (appointed by the President)
    • an elected faculty member of the Academic Affairs Board
    • an elected faculty member of the Student Affairs Board
    • and elected faculty member of the Committee on Budget and Financial Planning 

Meeting Times 

Once per month; Mondays from 6-8pm

 Members 2023-2024

Brian Casey, University President (Chair)  
Lesleigh Cushing, Provost and Dean of the Faculty Staff to the Committee
Paul McLoughlin, Vice President & Dean of the College L. Hazel Jack
JS Hope, VP of Finance & Administration  
Adam Burnett, Chair, Faculty Affairs Committee  
Dionne Bailey, Faculty Affirmative Action Oversight Committee  
Karl Clauss, Vice President for Advancement  
Ed Witherspoon 2024 (H)
Timothy McCay 2025 (NS)
Nicole Simpson 2023 (SS)
Andy Pattison 2024 (US)
Daniel Tober (AAB)
Dan Bouk (Budget & Financial)
Ahmad Khazaee (SAC)