Charge to the Committee

The committee advises the director on issues surrounding the downtown facility.

Meeting Times

Set at the convenience of committee members.

Members 2023-24      
Kim Taylor, Dean for Academic Advising & Conduct (Chair)     Doug Chiarello
Doug Johnson, Dean of Academics and Curricular Affairs     Aurelius Henderson
*Daisaku Yamamoto 2024   John Palmer, OUS
Connie Harsh 2024   Sarah Jones
Eric Muller 2026   RaJhai Spencer
Margaret Maurer 2026   Kerra Hunter
Evelyn Lester     Sue Burdick
Neil Albert     Catherine Negron
Sarah Courtney     Sue Dolly Lathrop, Consultant (non-voting)

*D. Yamamoto - replaced by Peter Klepeis (fall 2023)