Charge to the Committee

The committee advises the director on issues surrounding the downtown facility.

Meeting Times

Set at the convenience of committee members.

Members 2022-23      
*Emilio Spadola 2024   Ex Officio
Spencer Kelly (Chair F22) 2023   April Baptiste, Associate Dean of the Faculty
Erin Cooley (Chair S23-2025) 2025    
*Masha Hedberg 2024    
Nick Diana 2024   Consultant 
Wan-chun Liu 2023   Dr. Kerri Taylor
Jennifer Tomlinson 2024    
*Javier Padilla Rios 2024    
Fatima Aqeel 2023    
Regina Conti 2024    
Will Cipolli 2024    
David Murphy 2025    

*J. Padilla Rios - replaced by Rebecca Upton (1 year)
*E. Spadola - replaced by Matt Luttig (spring)
**J. Billarrubia serving 2022-23 and will replace M. Hedberg in spring 2023