This committee is concerned with long-range financial planning and projections and the preparation of yearly budgets. It has the responsibility of advising the President on yearly budgets and matters related to financial planning and projections. The committee normally functions as an advisory committee on budget issues during the fall term and on financial planning issues during the spring term.

The membership consists of:

  • The President of the University
  • Dean of the Faculty and Provost
  • Vice President for Finance and Administration
  • 4 Faculty (elected at large by the Faculty for three-year terms)
  • 2 Students (elected at large by the Student Senate for one-year terms)

The committee is chaired by the President of the University or the Provost, as determined by the President. Consultants to the committee are the Associate Vice President for Budget and Financial Aid, the Associate Provost, the Dean of the College, and the Vice President for Institutional Advancement.

Members 2023-24

Lesleigh Cushing, Provost & Dean of the Faculty (Chair)   Consultants to the Committee
JS Hope, VP of Finance & Administration   Ellen Holm, Dean of the College rep.
Parna Shakouri (VP) (SGA) Karl Clauss, VP for Advancement
Ed Fogarty 2025 John Collins, Assoc. VP for Budget & Financial Planning
Dominika Koter 2025 Trish St. Leger, Vice Provost
Dan Bouk 2024 Drew Porter, Senior Budget Analyst
Xena Becker 2024 L. Hazel Jack,

VP and Chief of Staff to the President

Lia Veit  (S)  
Tatsu Nashizawa  (S)