Charge to the Committee

The Petitions Committee exists to hear petitions concerning all graduation requirements, including residency, the Liberal Arts Core Curriculum, and the transfer credit limit. The committee does not review routine administrative requests from students, nor does it hear appeals concerning routine administrative decisions.

Exemptions from graduation requirements are granted only by the Petitions Committee. Exemptions are approved for compelling academic reasons, or when a true hardship exists for the student through no fault of his or her own and when no other solution can be found. A petition for exemption should be developed with written support from the student's faculty adviser and administrative dean.

Meeting Times

Set at the convenience of committee members.

Members 2022-23  
Doug Johnson, Associate Dean of the Faculty  
Kim Taylor, Dean for Admin. Adv. & Conduct  
Neil Albert, University Registrar  
*Connie Harsh 2024
Daisaku Yamamoto 2024
Ephraim Woods 2023
Bill Meyer 2023

*C. Harsh - replaced by Maura Tumulty (1 year)