Charge to the Committee

The board’s responsibilities include student services and activities, residences, student conduct and procedures for discipline, and other matters directly related to the extracurricular life of students of the university.


The vice president of the Student Government Association reports issues under consideration and decisions by the Student Affairs Board to the Student Senate. Sense-of-the-senate resolutions and suggested agenda items are conveyed to the Student Affairs Board by the same officer.

A faculty member, chosen by the elected faculty members of the board, reports to the faculty on a regular basis and conveys sense-of-the-faculty resolutions and suggested agenda items to the Student Affairs Board. Other agenda items relating to administrative policy changes may be brought to the board by the Dean of the College or the chair.

Legislation passed by the Student Affairs Board is reported to the Student Senate by the vice president of the Student Association. The Student Senate may, if it wishes, express disagreement and request the board to reconsider the legislation, pass it in amended form, or reject it. In either of the first two cases, the action of the board will become official university policy immediately, unless remanded to the Conference Board by the president.

The chair is elected yearly by the membership of the board and is entitled to vote on all matters. No proxy votes may be cast. If the president exercises the right to vote, it is in place of the Dean of the College.

The Student Affairs Board has the power to establish, reconstitute, and abolish standing committees. At least one member of each standing committee is drawn from the membership of the Student Affairs Board. The need for each standing committee must be reviewed every three years. All standing committees created by the board consist of faculty members elected by the faculty, students elected by the Student Senate, and other members as deemed appropriate by the board.

Meeting Times

Monthly on Monday, 4:15 p.m.

Members 2024-2025

President Casey (Ex Officio)    
Paul McLoughlin, VP and Dean of the College (Chair)    
TBD (SGA President/VP) Consultant, Non-Voting Appt. by the DoC
Brenton Sullivan 2025 (AL) Kim Taylor, Dean for Admin. Adv. & Student Conduct
Laura Makin 2025 (AL) TBD, Director, Student Involvement
Isla Globus-Harris 2027 (AL) Mo Muckinhaupt, Director of Res. Life
TBD (Conduct Board Rep) Joe Hernon, Assoc. VP Campus Safety, EHS & Emergency 
Maggie McCarthy (S) Abby Palko, Director of the Residential Commons Program
Ellie Black (S) Jeremy Wattles, Director of the COVE
Lindsay Waldman (S)  
Sam Kresch (S)