Charge to the Committee

The committee shall propose to the faculty policies and recommendations of policies on faculty appointments, faculty promotions, academic freedom and tenure, all matters pertaining to professional standards and ethics, loads, leaves, grants for development and research, faculty welfare, and similar matters.

The committee shall propose to the faculty procedures for faculty discipline and for hearing grievances from the faculty. The committee shall consist of ten members of the faculty (one each from the Divisions of the Arts and Humanities, Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Physical Education, Recreation and Athletics, Social Sciences; one from the library faculty; and five members at large for three-year, nonrenewable terms), the President, and the Dean of the Faculty.

The committee shall elect its own chair. The associate dean of the faculty acts as secretary.

Meeting Times

Every Monday during the semesters when there isn’t a faculty meeting, 4:15 – 5:30 p.m.

Members 2021-2022

Member Term
Ellen Percy Kraly, Interim Provost & Dean of the Faculty N/A
Krista Ingram, Associate Dean of the Faculty Secretary, Non-voting
Jennifer Brice 2022  (AL)
*Alan Cooper  2022  (AL)
*Ani Maitra

2023 (AL)

Priscilla Van Wynsberghe (chair)


2023 (NS)
Beth Parks 2024 (AL)
*Valerie Morkevicius 2023 (SS)
Juliana Smith 2022 (PE)
Engda Hagos 2024 (AL)
Christian DuComb 2024 (H)
Rachel White 2024 (L)

*V. Morkevicius - replaced by Jyoti Khanna (fall)

*A. Cooper – replaced by Tim McCay (spring)