Courses on Race, Class, Gender, and Social Justice

In agreement with several elements of The 13 Goals of a Colgate Education, every semester the Committee on ALANA Affairs compiles and shares a list of Colgate courses with an emphasis on race, class, gender, and social justice. These courses provide an opportunity for students to better understand historical and contemporary issues, engage in critical dialogue, and reflect upon their identity and sense of self. We encourage all Colgate students to consider taking one or more of the courses listed at some point during their time at the University.

Course List

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  • ANTH 226: Critical Global Health¬†
  • CORE 151 S: Legacies of the Ancient World
  • CORE 152 C: The Challenges of Modernity
  • CORE 152 D: The Challenges of Modernity
  • CORE 177 C: Peru
  • EDUC 101 A/B: The American School
  • EDUC 101 E: The American School
  • EDUC 205 B: Race, White Supremacy, and Education¬†
  • EDUC 246: Forced Migration and Education
  • EDUC 310 B: Racial Capitalism and Education Policy
  • EDUC/WMST 339: Feminist Disability Studies
  • FSEM 112 / CORE 163 C / ALST 203: The Caribbean
  • FSEM 179: Black Girls, Creativity, and Justice
  • GEOG 321: Gender, Justice, and Environmental Change
  • HIST 104: The United States since 1877
  • HIST 213: Women in the City
  • HIST 345: New Deal and Modern America
  • LGBT 242 / ALST 242: Religions of Resistance: Gender, Sexuality and Performance in the Caribbean
  • LGBT 355 A: Partners & Crime: Queer Outlaws in Latin American Lit. & Film
  • REST 323: Arctic Transformations
  • WRIT 225: Visual Rhetorics
  • SOAN 320 A: Social Deviance
  • SOCI 101 D: Introduction to Sociology
  • SOCI 101 B: Introduction to Sociology
  • SOCI 101 C: Introduction to Sociology
  • SOCI 101 E: Introduction to Sociology
  • THEA/ALST 273: Contemporary African American Drama
  • WRIT 248: Discourses of Race and Racism