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Take a deep dive into the industries that most interest you. Colgate Career Services has compiled helpful information, resources, and opportunities to help you get started.


Sam McCabe'22 and Lexi Ross '10 at The Desk Trade


Do you have strong communication skills and an ability to think on your feet? Do you thrive in a fast-paced and collaborative environment that values social media and technology, and do you enjoy utilizing sound customer service skills? If so, a career in advertising may be for you.

About careers in advertising

Student volunteer catalogs works in the Hamilton Center for the Arts.


Are you creative? Are you inspired by collaborating with other creative minds? Do you value design and innovation and seek to pursue those qualities in a career? If so, then a career in the arts may be for you.

About careers in the arts

Pointing to a digital screen showing medical data

Biology and Life Science

How are humans different from other animals? How does sugar consumption impact the onset of diabetes? If you find these types of questions appealing, you may want to explore the field of biology and life sciences.

About careers in biology and life science

Beakers in a chemistry laboratory


Chemistry is a physical science concerned with what matter consists of, what its properties are, and how it behaves. The scientists and technicians who do chemical research focus on the different kinds of atoms, how they interact and bond with one another, and how they interact with energy.

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Students and an alumna holding a flag for a community center

Common Good

Common good careers are values-driven work opportunities. They exist in all three sectors: public, private, and nonprofit. Common good careers often address issues of public concern and are motivated more by mission than by profit.

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Campbell Matheis '21 with Matthew Reyes-Guerra-Dunn '15 at EY


Consulting firms provide expertise to assess problems facing organizations, formulate recommendations, and help implement solutions in order to achieve the objectives of their clients.

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A packed room in Colgate’s Digital Learning and Media Center

Digital Media

Are you creative by nature, and do you enjoy employing your creativity on media and technology platforms? Are you looking for diverse opportunities to utilize your creativity in an innovative, technology-driven world? If so, then a career in digital media may be for you.

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First-graders learn about plants at the Colgate greenhouse


Do you want to make a difference in the lives of others? Do you enjoy writing, reading, and interacting with students of all ages? Consider exploring a career in education.

About careers in education

A Colgate students constructs an engineering model.


Do you enjoy using scientific and mathematical principles to solve practical problems? Consider exploring engineering careers.

About careers in engineering

Student pitches his entrepreneurial venture at a Colgate event for entrepreneurs.


Are you enterprising and creatively-minded? Do you enjoy taking “the road less traveled”? Consider exploring careers in entrepreneurship or at start-up companies.

Building a career as an entrepreneur

Yiyan Zhao ’22 shadowing Amy Wiles ’81 at NBT bank

Finance and Banking

Are you hard working? Do you enjoy dealing with quantitative problems? Do you possess strong analytical skills? If so, consider exploring careers in the finance and banking industry.

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Rock samples on display in Colgate’s Linsley Geology Museum


Geologists work to understand the history of our planet. The better they can understand Earth’s history the better they can foresee how events and processes of the past might influence the future.

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Erin Huiting '17 works on HIV research at the National Institute of Health

Health and Wellness

Are you interested in the physical and psychological well-being of others? Consider exploring health and wellness careers.

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Flags outside the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland

International Affairs

Do you tend to think about international relations and how other countries interact with each other? Are you passionate about another culture or language? If so, you might want to consider a career path in international affairs.

About careers in international affairs

Student standing in front of the sign at Politico

Journalism and Broadcast Media

Are you investigative and inquisitive by nature? Do you enjoy both technical and creative writing and value attention to detail? If so, then a career in journalism may be for you.

About careers in journalism and broadcast media

Students job shadowing judge Elizabeth Wolford ’89 in court


Do you enjoy writing, public speaking, and analytic reasoning? Consider exploring careers in the legal field.

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Nina Armideo '22 with Erika Clark '00 at Raymour&Flanigan


Do you enjoy thinking strategically and solving problems? Do you have a “can do” attitude, enjoy working on a team, and perform well under pressure? If so, then a career in marketing may be for you.

About careers in marketing

A physics professor sets up experiments for Physics 120 Lab in Ho Science Center

Mathematics and Physics

Mathematics is the science of numbers and their combinations, operations, generalizations, and abstractions. Physics is a comprehensive natural science dealing with the interaction of matter and energy.

About careers in mathematics and physics



Are you interested in the physical well-being of others? Do you like to solve real world problems? Do you find yourself contemplating how things work? On how you can have an impact on individuals? Consider exploring a career in medicine.

About careers in medicine

Yuqi Maya Can '18 reflected in a monitor while working at the National Institutes of Health

Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology

Are you curious about how biological processes, organisms, and systems are leveraged to improve the quality of human life? Have you ever wondered how the bark from a tree becomes the medication used to treat disease? If collaborative and innovative scientific discovery across a broad range of scientific disciplines appeals to you, then you might want to investigate the careers within biotechnology and pharmaceuticals.

About careers in pharmaceuticals and biotechnology

Emily Bradley '10 working with CBS News Washington cameras

Public Relations

Do you have strong writing skills and keen problem-solving abilities? Are you in tune to current news in print and media? Do you thrive in a fast-paced environment? If so, then a career in public relations may be for you.

About careers in public relations

Franco Brunet strides across the Rotunda in the Russell Building.

Public Sector/Government

Does the idea of being an advocate excite you? Would you like to impact your local, state, or federal government in a meaningful way? If you enjoy fighting for public causes then you may want to consider a career in public service.

About careers in public service

Published textbook


Are you detail-oriented and enjoy seeing the production of text from the beginning stages to the end? Do you value the creativity in designing and selling publications? If so, then a career in publishing may be for you.

About careers in publishing

Colgate students meet with professionals at the Westfield offices at 7 World Trade Center to learn about development projects underway

Real Estate

Are you goal-driven and enterprising by nature? Do you enjoy interacting with colleagues and potential clients? If the answer is yes, you may want to consider exploring careers in the real estate industry.

About careers in real estate

Colgate students deliver sustainably sourced paper as part of a campus venture


Are you interested in protecting the environment and natural resources? Consider exploring sustainability careers.

About careers in sustainability

Are you a problem solver who enjoys using computer applications and devices? Consider exploring technology and computer science careers.

Technology and Computing

Are you a problem solver who enjoys using computer applications and devices? Consider exploring technology and computer science careers.

About careers in technology and computing