Australia, Wollongong Fall

Colgate’s fall study group to Wollongong, Australia focuses on geography.


On the Wollongong study group, students spend a full academic semester living and learning in Australia. The group is accompanied by a Colgate faculty director who teaches part of the students’ course load.

The study group’s operations are embedded with the University of Wollongong, giving participants the opportunity to live and study with Australian students, as well as with other international students at the university.

Students walk along a forested pathway
Group excursions offer study group participants opportunities to explore and learn about unique aspects of Australia.


Academic Focus

The fall study group to Australia is based in Colgate’s Geography Department. The specific focus of any given study group to Wollongong will depend upon the Colgate faculty member who is directing the group. The directorship rotates between members of Geography and Environmental Studies.

The academic offerings and extensive resources of the University of Wollongong, as well as the opportunity to live and study with Australian as well as other international students, allow study-group participants a unique means to broaden and deepen their understanding of the historical, cultural, and biological diversity of Australia and the environmental issues in which Australians, including indigenous Australians, are engaged.

Affiliated Departments and Programs

The Wollongong, Australia study group is affiliated with the following departments and programs, among which the faculty directorship of the group will rotate.

Upcoming and Recent Study Groups

Learn more about upcoming and recent study groups to Wollongong, Australia on Colgate’s off-campus study portal, including details about the faculty directors, dates, and more:

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