Approved Programs

Colgate has approved over 100 non-Colgate off-campus study programs to over 50 countries, expanding the options and opportunities for students to explore nearly any academic interest.

About Approved Programs

Approved programs expand off-campus study opportunities beyond what is available in Colgate’s extensive study group programs

Approved programs have been carefully evaluated by Colgate faculty for curricular fit, academic rigor, on-site support services, emergency management, and opportunities for meaningful engagement with the host culture. Only programs that are on Colgate's list are approved for off-campus study.

NOTE: Students may participate in only one semester-long approved program. Petitions for two different approved programs will not be allowed.

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Academic Credit

Unlike Colgate’s study groups, the academic credits students earn on approved programs are not guaranteed to be recognized at Colgate as credit toward graduation. Students participating in an approved program should therefore plan ahead and obtain course pre-approvals for transferring credit to Colgate.

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Costs and Aid

When participating on an approved program, students will be invoiced normally for their Colgate tuition, plus the cost of any room and board and visa costs billed by the approved program sponsor. Colgate will then pay the cost of the approved program on the student’s behalf.

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Financial Aid

Colgate grant recipients may receive additional financial assistance to meet the increased costs of participating in an approved program. Please review the Costs and Aid page for full information and restrictions.

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