Off-Campus Study Groups

Colgate offers full-semester, faculty-led off-campus study groups in locations all over the world, domestically and abroad.


Students who participate in Colgate study groups immerse in new cultures, perspectives, and experiences. 

Academic Experience

Participants receive instruction and mentoring from the study group’s faculty director. In most programs, students also participate in courses taught at a host institution. All of the academic credits a student earns on a Colgate study group are applicable toward graduation at Colgate, with no complicated credit transfer process.

Each study group has its own academic focus, ranging from religion and philosophy studies in St. Andrews, Scotland, to scientific research at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Md. Students may apply to any Colgate study group, regardless of their major or minor.

Available Study Groups

Some study groups are offered regularly, running annually at the same time of year, while others are offered based on faculty availability. Explore the regularly recurring programs, as well as those that will be offered in the coming academic year (updated each October).

  • Australia, Wollongong — Geography
  • China: Taiwan, Hong Kong, Beijing, and Kunming (biennial)
  • England, London — English
  • England, Manchester
  • Italy, Venice
  • Japan, Kyoto (biennial)
  • Singapore, National University of Singapore Exchange
  • South Korea, Seoul (biennial)
  • Spain, Madrid
  • United States, National Institutes of Health
  • United States, Santa Fe, NM (biennial)
  • Australia, Wollongong — Natural sciences
  • England, London: Economics
  • England, London: English
  • England, London: History
  • France, Dijon
  • Germany, Freiburg
  • Jamaica, Kingston (biennial)
  • Scotland, St. Andrews
  • Switzerland, Geneva
  • United States, Washington, DC
  • Wales, Cardiff

The schedule of available study groups for the next academic year is typically updated in October.

Fall 2019

Australia, Wollongong

Department: Geography

China, Shanghai, Taiwan, and Hong Kong

Department: East Asian Languages and Literatures

England, London

Department: Economics

England, Manchester

Department: Writing and Rhetoric

Singapore, National University of Singapore Exchange

Department: Biology

South Africa, Cape Town

Department: Geography

Spain, Madrid

Department: Romance Languages and Literatures

United States, National Institutes of Health

Department: Biology

Spring 2020

Australia, Wollongong

Department: Computer Science

England, London

Department: English

England, London

Department: History

France, Dijon

Department: Romance Languages and Literatures

Germany, Freiburg

Department: German

Japan, Kyoto

Department: Geography, Asian Studies 

Scotland, St. Andrews

Department: Philosophy

Switzerland, Geneva

Department: Political Science

United States, Washington, DC

Department: Political Science

Wales, Cardiff

Department: Psychological and Brain Sciences