Colgate’s study group to Seoul, South Korea, focuses on education, Korean culture, and language.


On the South Korea Study Group, students spend a full academic semester living and learning in Seoul. The group is accompanied by a Colgate faculty director who teaches part of the students’ course load.

The study group’s operations are embedded with the Yonsei University, giving participants the opportunity to live and study with Korean students as well as with other international students at the university.

Academic Focus

The study group to South Korea is based in Educational Studies. The specific focus of any given study group to Korea will depend upon the Colgate faculty member who is directing the group.

The focus in the South Korea Study Group is often an appealing off-campus study option for students who major and minor in the Educational Studies. It allows students to remain on track academically while broadening their cultural and global perspectives by studying abroad.

Affiliated Department and Programs

The South Korea Study Group is affiliated with the following department and programs, among which the faculty directorship of the group will rotate:

Upcoming and Recent Study Groups

Learn more about upcoming and recent study groups to Korea on Colgate’s off-campus study portal, which includes details about the faculty directors, dates, and more.

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