NUS Program in Singapore

Colgate’s exchange program to the National University of Singapore offers students in the natural sciences an opportunity to become involved in research and take courses toward their major while becoming immersed in the rich culture and history of Southeast Asia.


Students will enroll in electives in their discipline and have the opportunity to engage in a research project with the world-renowned faculty of the National University of Singapore. Students will also take one course in Singapore Studies to better understand the cultural heritage of the region.

Additionally, students will take a half-credit extended study course with the program director prior to the start of the semester, to orient them to the region and to serve as a focusing point for the group.

Academic Focus

The NUS Study Group is designed for natural science and mathematics majors.

Briefly stated, its goals are:

  1. To engage in research at one of the best universities for natural science research in Asia.
  2. To take courses within a field of study that provides new opportunities and outlooks.
  3. To introduce students to Singaporean culture and history.
  4. To meet students from around the world and broaden social and cultural perspectives.
  5. To consider the ways in which science and research cross cultural and national boundaries.

Affiliated Departments and Programs

The NUS study group is affiliated with the following departments and programs, among which the faculty directorship of the group will rotate.

Upcoming and Recent Study Groups

Learn more about upcoming and recent study groups to the National University of Singapore on Colgate’s off-campus study portal, including details about the faculty directors, dates, and more: 

Colgate at NUS Study Group History