Department of Chemistry

Study chemistry in a program that is nationally recognized for its faculty-student collaborations, certified by the American Chemical Society, built to leverage undergraduate student research as a learning tool, and rooted firmly in the liberal arts.


student conducts chemistry research
Rachel Schaaf '22 performs research in Professor Rick Geier's lab

The chemistry department actively blurs the line between research and academic study, enabling undergraduates to conduct graduate-level research using top-line tools such as our dual beam x-ray diffractometer.

Students pursue opportunities to reinforce concepts learned in the classroom and contribute to the scientific community through lab experiences and a vigorous summer research program. Skills learned in this endeavor prepare graduates for a wide variety of career paths, including direct employment in pharmaceutical or other life sciences firms.

The department offers the following major and minor programs:


  • Chemistry
  • Biochemistry


  • Chemistry



Department Contacts

Chair: Jason Keith 
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Department of Chemistry 
Office: 308 Wynn Hall
Phone: 315-228-7394

Academic Department Coordinator: Sue Marks
Office: 115 Wynn Hall
Phone: 315-228-7340

Working with student researchers is my favorite part of my job. It engages students in problem solving and connects them with a broader scientific community.

Ephraim Woods, Professor of Chemistry