Chemistry and Biochemistry Alumni Success

What Chemistry Graduates Do Now

Working in the Sciences

Students who earn a degree in chemistry or biochemistry at Colgate are prepared to compete for positions in leading graduate programs worldwide. Many students continue on to graduate work and successful careers in the sciences. The following alumni are great examples:

  • 2016 graduate: pursuing a PhD at the University of California, Berkeley
  • 2016 graduate: working professionally as a software engineer
  • 2015 graduate: enrolled in medical school at Boston University School of Medicine
  • 2014 graduate: pursuing a PhD at Cornell University


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Across Industries

Earning a degree in chemistry or biochemistry does not mean that those are the only possible fields in which graduates find success. With a solid foundation in the liberal arts, Colgate graduates excel in a number of roles and fields. The following chemistry alumni are great examples:

  • 2011 graduate: software engineer at Amplify
  • 2008 graduate: business analyst with The Wicks Group of Companies, LLC
  • 2002 graduate: attorney with the US Department of Energy

Career Services

Colgate’s Center for Career Services is an innovative and forward-thinking resource for students. Career advisers work with students across the University throughout their four years on campus to prepare the students for successful careers, graduate studies, and other opportunities after graduation.

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