Department of Biology

Biology students at Colgate University pursue their scientific interests through coursework in four majors as well as opportunities for active research.


Colgate biology students often engage with faculty in investigative lab or field projects in cellular and molecular biology, organismal and evolutionary biology, terrestrial and aquatic ecology, plant and animal physiology, and animal behavior.

Our faculty attract generous outside funding to develop innovative curricula as well as provide for the latest technology and equipment for research.

The department offers the following major and minor programs:


  • Biology
  • Molecular biology
  • Environmental biology
  • Natural sciences with a concentration in marine science - freshwater science


  • Biology
  • Mathematical systems biology

Undergraduates traditionally major in biology when pursuing a career in biological or health-related sciences.

Colgate students enjoy the study of biology within a liberal arts context and are prepared for success in a variety of academic fields and careers.


Department Contacts

Chair: Geoff Holm
Administrative assistant: René Beers
Office: Ho Science Center
Phone: 315-228-7347

I’m not aware of any other undergraduate institution that has this equipment. Resources like this are incredibly rare — and it’s even rarer for students to be using it to do research.

Geoff Holm Professor of biology
Colgate Biology students run DNA tests on water samples.
Colgate Biology students run DNA tests on water samples.