Colgate’s study group to New York City will live in Brooklyn and take four courses that focus on film and media history/theory and production, as well as the institutions and broader industries around film, media, and related arts.

These courses will examine the film and media ecosystem of New York City, and a rigorous structured internship experience in collaboration with the Independent Filmmakers Project.


New York City is a familiar location to many Colgate students, but this study group offers students the opportunity to experience it in a unique context. A densely populated metropolis with diverse residents, New York City has a rich history, an ever-evolving present, and is a true hub of arts and culture within the United States. Brooklyn, where the study group will be based, is home to a wide variety of dynamic, distinctive neighborhoods, and is full of exciting music and arts venues, and iconic sites like the Brooklyn Bridge, the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, and Prospect Park. 

Living and studying in New York City for the semester places students at one of the epicenters of local and global “flows” of media and the arts, surrounded by institutions including Anthology Film Archives, The Flaherty, the Museum of the Moving Image, UnionDocs, Women Make Movies, Cinema Tropical, the Brooklyn Academy of Music, the Brooklyn Museum, the Paley Center, Lincoln Center, and Rooftop Films, to name just a few. New York City also hosts numerous film festivals, including the New York Film Festival, the New York Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Film Festival, and the New York Asian Film Festival, and is the site of many museums with excellent film and media collections.

Academic Focus

The New York City Study Group is a collaboration with The Independent Filmmakers Project, a highly influential nonprofit organization focused on independent film. Based in Brooklyn, IFP serves as a hub for artists across media disciplines, fostering a vibrant independent creative community, and offering support to media artists in the form of funding, tech and business guidance, narrative and documentary labs, and more. As part of the study group, students will complete a rigorous, structured internship experience in collaboration with IFP as one of their four courses. Students will also have access to exciting networking, mentorship, and professional development opportunities through our relationship with IFP.

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