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Faculty and Staff - History

Our faculty and staff are enthusiastic and accessible. Please reach out with any questions or interests you have in the history department!
Back Row L to R: Tsega Etefa, Graham Hodges, Robert Nemes, Raymond Douglas, Andrew Rotter, Xan Karn, Jill Harsin, Monica Mercado, Brian Moore. Front Row L to R: Antonio Barrera, Heather Roller, Dan Bouk, Alan Cooper.

Department Chair

Antonio Barrera
Associate Professor of History
Chair, Department of History
-Atlantic world history
-Early modern Spanish history
-Early modern European history
-16th-century science in Spain and America

308 Alumni Hall
P: 315-228-7549
Fall 2018: HIST 209A, Core 152B
F18 Office Hours: TBD

Department Administrative Assistant

Erin Conway

-History pre-registration
-Coordination of department events
-Coordination of daily operations of the department

330 Alumni Hall
P: 315-228-7511
Summer Hours: M-F 9-5pm, Lunch 12-1pm  

Department Faculty

Pete Banner-Haley
Professor of History and Africana & Latin American Studies
-African American history
-20th century US history
-19th- and 20th-century social and cultural history

320 Alumni Hall
P: 315-228-7510
Fall 2018: HIST 199A, HIST 218A, HIST 318A
F18 Office Hours: TBD  

Dan Bouk
Associate Professor of History
Associate Professor of University Studies and Chair
Core 152  Studies
-U.S. Intellectual and Cultural History
-History of Knowledge and Knowing (Science, Medicine, and Environment)
-History of Capitalism

314 Alumni Hall
P: 315-228-6166
Fall 2018: HIST 306A, Core 152C
F18 Office Hours: TBD

Alan Cooper
Associate Professor of History
-Medieval European History
-Modern Britain
-England 11th and 12th centuries
-The intersection of legal and cultural history
-Power and oppression

323 Alumni Hall
P: 315-228-7159
Fall 2018: on leave 

Ray Douglas
Russell Colgate Distinguished University Professor of History

-20th-century Europe

319 Alumni Hall
P: 315-228-7073
Fall 2018: HIST 271A, HIST 350A, 400A
F18 Office Hours: TBD  

Tsega Etefa
Associate Professor of History
Coordinator, African Studies Concentration in the Africana and Latin American Studies Program
-African history and culture

316 Alumni Hall
P: 315-228-7515
Fall 2018: HIST106/ALST282 AX, Core 173C, HIST 385A
F18 Office Hours: TBD

Jill Harsin
Professor of History
-19th-century France and French Revolution
-Modern Europe, France and the French Revolution, and women's history

310 Alumni Hall
P: 315-228-7518
Fall 2018: HIST 233A, FSEM TBD
F18 Office Hours: TBD 

Graham Hodges
George Dorland Langdon Jr. Professor of History and Africana & Latin American Studies 
- Colonial and revolutionary American history
- Social history
- Labor and urban America
- New York City history
- Asian American history

321 Alumni Hall
P: 315-228-7517
Fall 2018: HIST 103A, 203A
F18 Office Hours: TBD  

Jennifer Hull
Visiting Assistant Professor of History
Bicentennial Research Fellow
Bicentennial Committee Member
- Colgate History
- U.S. social and cultural history (long 19th century)
- African American history
- New York City history
- History of women and gender

328 Alumni Hall
P: 315-228-5702
F18: Bicentennial Research

Xan Karn
Associate Professor of History
- Modern European history (political, cultural, and intellectual)
- Historical justice and reconciliation

327 Alumni Hall
P: 315-228-7514
Fall 2018: HIST 300A
F18 Office Hours: TBD 

Noor Khan
Associate Professor in History and Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies
- National and transnational identity in Egypt and the Arab world
- Political and social violence in the modern Middle East and South Asia
- Memory and identity in the Partition of India and Palestine
- Islam and identity in the twentieth century 

325 Alumni Hall
P: 315-228-7556
Fall 2018: HIST 400B
F18 Office Hours: TBD  

Monica Mercado
Assistant Professor of History
- U.S. women's and gender history (colonial era to the present)
- History of sexuality; religion in American culture
- Childhood/girlhood studies
- American Catholic studies
- Museum studies, archives, and public/digital history.

318 Alumni Hall
P: 315-228-7516
Fall 2018: HIST 199B, 211A
F18 Office Hours: TBD

Robert Nemes
Professor of History
Faculty Director
Alumni Memorial Scholars Program
- Modern Central and East European history, urban history, nationalism, and commodities

313 Alumni Hall
P: 315-228-7078
Fall 2018: HIST 102A
F18 Office Hours: TBD

David Robinson
Robert H.N. Ho Professor in Asian Studies
Professor of History

- Early-modern Chinese, Korean, Japanese history

315 Alumni Hall
P: 315-228-7512
Fall 2018: HIST 265A, 370A
F18 Office Hours: TBD 

Tristan Tomlinson

- 18th-Century Britain
- Atlantic World
- Population and governance
- Health and laboring populations

203 Lathrop Hall
P: 315-228-5934
Fall 2018: HIST 210A, Core 151S
F18 Office Hours: TBD

Andy Rotter
Charles A. Dana Professor of History and Peace and Conflict Studies
Director, Peace & Conflict Studies Program

- U.S. diplomatic history
- Recent U.S. history
- The Vietnam War
- U.S.-Asia relations
- Cold War
- History of the senses

319 Alumni Hall
P: 315-228-7513
Fall 2018: PCON 479B
F18 Office Hours: TBD

Kira Stevens
Professor of History and Russian and Eurasian Studies
- Russia and USSR: late medieval and early modern Europe
- Women in Eastern Europe and USSR
- Indigenous peoples of Siberia
- Early modern Russia: popular culture, social change, banditry; Military history

307 Alumni Hall
P: 315-228-7542
Fall 2018: on leave

Heather Roller
Associate Professor of History
- Amazonia and Brazil: Ethnohistory, indigenous peoples under colonial rule, autonomous indigenous groups, mobility and migration, borderlands, and environmental history

322 Alumni Hall
P: 315-228-7563
Fall 2018: HIST 399A
F18 Office Hours: TBD

Brian Moore
John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Professor of History and Africana & Latin American Studies
Director of the Africana & Latin American Studies Program

- Caribbean history, culture and race relations
- History of sport in the Caribbean
- Caribbean politics and governance

216 Alumni Hall
P: 315-228-7260
Fall 2018: on leave  


Dick Frost
Professor of History, Emeritus  
- Professor of History 1966-96

Jim Berg

Professor of History, Emeritus  
- Africa, India, and the United Kingdom.

Faye Dudden
Charles A. Dana Professor of History, Emerita 
- U.S. women's history, 19th century U.S. social and cultural history, Civil War and Reconstruction, reform movements, gender and popular culture