The procedure for Colgate's ITS staff to request training and travel funds for short-term, professionally oriented programs.


Scope and Purpose

This document outlines the procedure for requesting training and travel funds to attend short-term, professionally oriented programs that keep participants informed of evolving technologies and changing practices in their area of specialization.

Spirit and Intent

ITS supports the participation of its employees in training and conferences for professional development and opportunities to present to peers.


Training and Conference Requests

  1. Directors will use discretion to approve or deny training and conference requests based on job relevance. All requests should be submitted to department director with a detailed estimate of costs.
  2. Directors will fairly distribute training/travel funds to all members of their team.
  3. Travel costs should adhere to existing University policies regarding daily meal allowances, car rentals, air/rail/bus travel, personal vehicle mileage, and hotels.
  4. Staff may request additional training and travel funds from the CIO budget if they are interested in presenting relevant material at a conference. The request and an estimate of costs should be made to the department director prior to submission to the conference. The director will bring the request to the CIO for approval.

Audit and Compliance

All expenses must be detailed in the expense report submitted and be within the estimated cost agreed upon by the approving Director.

Staff will be responsible for following the University Travel Policy.