This document outlines the practice defining the terms for borrowing equipment from ITS and penalties for late or non-returns. 


Spirit and Intent

ITS supports lending equipment to the campus community. It is important that borrowed equipment be returned in the same working order that it was in when it was loaned to ensure that the equipment is ready for the next person who is scheduled to borrow it. Damaged equipment, late returns, and non-returns are discouraged through monetary fees and/or loss of privileges for future borrowing.



This policy applies to the following locations:

  1. ITS Service Desk
  2. Digital Learning & Media Center

Loans, Late Returns and Damaged Equipment

  1. The Chief Information Officer or his/her designee will establish the specific terms of loan for all equipment and post them on the ITS website and provide them to individuals borrowing equipment at the time of the loan.
  2. Terms are subject to change prior to the loaning of equipment.
  3. Terms may vary based on type and age of equipment.
  4. Terms include hours of availability, length of the loan, eligibility for borrowing and process by which loans and returns occur, and all other logistics of equipment loans.
  5. ITS reserves the right to make exceptions to terms when necessary to meet requirements of the institutional mission.
  1. ITS reserves the right to revoke borrowing privileges for future borrowing if equipment is returned late.
  2. If equipment is not returned after 7 days you will be billed a replacement fee for the equipment along with a non-refundable $25 fee.

Borrowers shall be charged fees based on the cost to repair or replace equipment.

Audit and Compliance


  1. ITS shall provide a mechanism by which borrowers may note pre-existing damage or missing parts.
  2. Borrowers shall not be responsible for pre-existing damage or missing parts.
  3. Equipment shall be inspected by ITS personnel upon return to determine working condition.