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Last Revised

August 2022

Review Date

August 2022


Chief Information Officer 

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Blake Penn

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Chief Information Security Officer

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Reason for Policy 

Colgate University recognizes its obligation to respect the reasonable privacy expectations of its employees and students in their electronic communications and data

Policy Statement 

Colgate University provides information technology (IT) resources to faculty, staff, and students for the purpose of furthering Colgate University's mission and conducting University business. While personal use of such system is permitted, personal communications and files transmitted over or stored on University systems are subject to the same regulations as business communications. 

Colgate University is committed to respecting the privacy expectations of its faculty, staff, and students; however, consistent with this policy, electronic information that is transmitted over or stored in Colgate University systems and networks is subject to being audited, inspected, and disclosed to fulfill administrative or legal obligations which may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • is necessary to comply with legal requirements or process
  • may yield information necessary for the investigation of a suspected violation of law or regulations, or a suspected infraction of Colgate University policy
  • is needed to maintain the security of Colgate University computing systems, network, or data 
  • is needed for the diagnosis or correction of problems with system software or hardware
  • may yield information needed to deal with an emergency 
  • is needed for the ordinary business of the University to proceed

Colgate University shall provide prior written notice upon hiring to all employees, informing them of the types of electronic monitoring which may occur and shall post notice of electronic monitoring 


This policy governs access to all data and communications transmitted over or stored in Colgate University's IT Resources.

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