Scope and Purpose

This policy outlines the process that occurs when the University has received a formal complaint by a copyright holder who has submitted evidence that a computer registered in the name of a student, faculty, or staff member who is sharing copyrighted material on the Internet.

Spirit and Intent

Once notified of a potential violation, we are obligated to take immediate action to prevent serious legal and other consequences. 


The following process is put into action as soon as notification of a potential violation is received. 


  1. DMCA notice triggers the Network and Unified Communications (NUC) Team to disable the user’s network account.
  2. Form letter is sent from the ITS Information Security Officer, copying the Associate Dean for Conduct.
    1. Repeat offenses will be referred to the Associate Dean for Conduct immediately. 
  3. . Person identified in the DMCA notice visits the IT Service Desk to remove the file(s) from
    their computer.
  4. IT Service Desk Technician notifies the Associate Dean for Conduct that the file(s) have been
    removed from the computer.
  5. IT Service Desk Technician notifies the Network and Unified Communications (NUC) Team to re-enable the user’s network account.
  6. The Associate Dean for Conduct follows up with appropriate action.

 Audit and Compliance

Sharing copyrighted material without the owner's permission is a violation of our various policies on the acceptable use of electronic resources- along with several federal copyright laws. It's also inconsistent with the Code of Student Conduct and the University’s commitment to protecting the intellectual property rights of artists and scholars, whether they're part of our community or not.