This document outlines the terms under which ITS will support ancillary applications (apps) available as part of the Google Apps for Education suite of products.


Scope and Purpose

This document does not cover support for the Core Suite of Apps (Mail, Docs, Drive, Calendar, Sites, Contacts and Google Groups). This document covers policy on the availability and supported use of the ever-changing suite of products that are available through Google Apps for Education including, but not limited to, YouTube, Google Maps, Google Photos and other products. As of the writing of this document the complete list of Apps is available from Google.

Spirit and Intent

The underlying intent of this document is to provide a framework for availability of apps and support of those apps with the following objectives:

  • To create an environment that permits faculty, students and staff room for creative academic and enterprise use of available Google Apps. 
  • To establish foundations of reasonable expectations around the use of these apps.
  • To create boundaries of responsibility for the content stored in these apps. 


  1. Apps that relate to monetization (for the user or Google) or those for which the University already provides a solution (blogs, analytics, etc.) will not be made available until there has been a consultation with ITS for a needs assessment. Recognizing the fluid nature of Google Apps, any item identified by Google as being phased out will not be made available.
  2. Any new ancillary apps will need to meet the criteria in Policy, Item 1. ITS will determine whether the functionality of any newly introduced app is already provided for via an existing University-provided solution.
  3. These apps are made available to users with accounts under the following terms:
    1. Google Apps (outside of the Core Suite of Colgate standard Apps) are used at one’s own risk.
    2. Google Apps are provided without warranty by the developers and are constantly changing.
    3. Users acknowledge that the fluid nature of the apps, and the University’s lack of control over these apps, may change the usability or suitability of a given app at any time without notice.
    4. Given the University’s lack of control over these apps and their content, and the deletion policy established herein, ancillary apps are not recommended for University business use as may be defined in any applicable University policies on Intellectual Property and Rights, or critical academic or research content. Further, any data, media or other content of value to the University stored in ancillary apps counter to the advice of this policy should be backed up regularly and backups secured by an employee’s supervisor.
    5. Users acknowledge that the data stored in Google Apps are their sole responsibility to backup (as possible) or otherwise secure. ITS does not backup or secure data stored in Google Apps. Google or the creator of the apps may, at any time, discontinue access to these apps without warning.
    6. Users acknowledge that the data stored in the apps may be deleted upon the end of a user’s faculty, staff or student affiliation with the University (pursuant to applicable account termination policies). Transfer of data from Google Apps to a user’s personal account or storage is solely the responsibility of the end user. ITS will not perform transfers of data into or out of Google Apps on behalf of any users, including those whose affiliation with the University is ending or has ended.
  4. ITS will provide support as follows:
    1. ITS Service Desk supports the use of specific web browsers (as listed on the ITS website) and will work to help resolve any supported browser-related problems that interfere with the use of Google Apps. 
    2. Learning and Applied Innovation will provide second-tier support (specifically training and support in the specific academic uses) for selected products within the Google Apps for education suite.
    3. Engagement and Support will maintain and publish a list of the products selected for second-tier support as described in Section 2.C.3 of this policy.
    4. The apps covered under this policy shall be made available to users upon activation of a Colgate Google Apps for Education account.
    5. As policy updates are made the user community shall be notified of changes to this policy. 

Audit and Compliance

  1. Audit. There shall be no routine audit associated with this policy.
  2. Enforcement. Enforcement of this policy shall be limited to internal processes within ITS that assure the meeting of commitments under Policy.
  3. Risk of Non Compliance. Users who fail to acknowledge the terms of Section 2 may lose data should they not take the necessary steps to secure their data personally.
  4. Penalties for Non Compliance. Beyond any losses outlined in Audit and Compliance, Item 3, there shall be no penalties for non-compliance.