Policy Type


Last Revised

January 2024

Review Date

January 2024



Contact Name

Blake Penn

Contact Title

Chief Information Security Officer

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Reason for Policy

Management of Colgate University WiFi hotspots.

Policy Statement

Colgate recognizes that WiFi hotspots are useful and sometimes necessary to conduct legitimate University business and provides the use of these devices to our community for that purpose. This policy governs the use of such hotspots.

  • Colgate WiFi hotspots can be used while traveling for Colgate business for a maximum of two weeks. This includes, but is not limited to, travel for Colgate business, athletics travel, conferences, etc.
  • Departments and/or supervisor approval is required for the use of Colgate WiFi hotspots for home/flexible work use. Supervisor approval must be documented in writing and the department must manage and support hotspot services and invoicing in these cases. 
  • Colgate WiFi hotspots may be used for department research. Such use must be approved by the department chair and documented in writing and can be reserved for periods longer than two weeks if needed for the research.
  • For use of Colgate WiFi hotspots for extended use (beyond two weeks, no more than 6 months) departments and/or supervisor approval is required and must be documented in writing in these cases. Your budget may be charged a monthly fee while being used (currently up to $200 via budget transfer).


All Colgate University employees and students.