Information Technology Services employs over 40 professionals to support and maintain the complex infrastructure and instructional technology needs of the Colgate community.

Select a team below to see its members.

Chief Information Officer
Senior Administrative Assistant
Chief Information Security Officer
Director of Learning and Applied Innovation
Professional Development and Training Coordinator
Technical Director & Designer-Visualization Lab and Planetarium
Instructional Designer - Connected Learning
Instructional Designer for Learning Platforms and Universal Design
Director of Engagement and Support
355P Case-Geyer
Service Desk Supervisor
355E Case-Geyer
ITS Hardware Repair and Installation Technician
350 Case-Geyer
IT Support Specialist
355F Case-Geyer
IT Support Specialist
355P Case-Geyer
IT Support Specialist
356 Case-Geyer
Technology Support Engineer and Desktop Administrator
Lead Hardware Specialist
355G Case-Geyer
Director, Classrooms, Media and Events
180A Case-Geyer
Associate Director CDME
Classroom and Event Support Specialist
180 Case-Geyer
Lead Digital Media and Event Support Specialist
180 Case-Geyer
Senior Full Stack Programmer/Analyst
Senior System Engineer
450 Case-Geyer
Senior Network Engineer
442 Case-Geyer
Technical Director, Networking and Unified Communications
450E Case-Geyer
Senior Systems Analyst and Programmer
450H Case-Geyer
Senior Systems Analyst Programmer
450 Case-Geyer
Senior Systems Analyst and Programmer
450J Case-Geyer
Senior Network Engineer
Business Process Analyst
Associate Director for Infrastructure Services
355M Case-Geyer
Senior Research and High Performance Computing Specialist
Director, Data Analytics and Decision Support
555C Case-Geyer
Lead Data Warehouse Analyst
555A Case-Geyer