Christine Moskell

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Christine Moskell

Senior Instructional Designer - Connected Learning

Department/Office Information

Information Technology


As an instructional designer, Christine works closely with faculty to create effective, engaging and inclusive learning experiences for students. Christine supports tools and practices for connected learning, the idea that the connected-ness of digital spaces can foster social opportunities for learning. Her work is informed by critical digital pedagogy and inclusive design, two frameworks that encourage reflection on the ways that spaces (digital or analog) can be designed to empower diverse learners.

Christine took an “alternative academic” career path into faculty development after she worked with instructional designers to improve her own pedagogical practices as a lecturer in the Scientific Perspectives areas of Colgate’s Core Curriculum. Her academic background in environmental social science and environmental education continue to inspire her when she discovers ecological concepts used as metaphors to describe the beautiful complexity of teaching and learning in a networked, connected world.

Learn more about her work at:

PhD (2016) Natural Resources - Cornell University

MS (2012) Natural Resources - Cornell University

BA (2008) Environmental Studies - Hobart and William Smith Colleges

Core 119SP: Environmental Activism, Science and the Arts