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Last Revised

August 2022

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August 2022



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Blake Penn

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Chief Information Security Officer

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Reason for Standards

These standards describe the protections that must be in place for different categories of Colgate University data.


Colgate University data shall be afforded the following by University data custodians. Colgate University Information Technology Services (ITS) shall help data custodians provide these protections. 

Public data

  • Public data does not require any specific protections due to the nature of this data. Commonsense protections of such data are recommended, however.

Protected data

  • Protected data shall be afforded the following protections:
    • Backed up on a regular basis to a secure location with secure data restore procedures tested regularly
    • Strong encryption during storage and transit
    • Access control conforming to the principle of least privilege and based on user role
    • Only reside on approved platforms and in approved locations (consult ITS for these)
    • Systems housing this data shall maintain  current security path levels
    • Systems housing this data shall maintain effective endpoint protection controls 
    • All access shall be via authorized and authenticated access 
    • All access shall be centrally logged and monitored 

Regulated data

  • Regulated data must adhere to all cumulative protection required by all applications laws, rules, and regulations. Regulated data must also adhere to all applicable Colgate protection standards as well. 
  • Colgate University data in the custodianship of third parties shall conform to these same protections. If particular protections are not available or feasible while in the custodianship of third parties, then alternate similar protections shall be identified with the help of ITS and these protections shell be afforded to the data. 


This policy applies to all Colgate University data and all Colgate University faculty, staff, and students.

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