This policy outlines the Colgate University policy on donating end of life ITS equipment.


Spirit and Intent

Colgate University purchases computers and AV equipment for faculty, staff, classrooms, labs and auditoria. At the end of their lifecycle there are options outlined in this policy for recycling, reselling, or donating this equipment.

The lifecycle for computers on campus is 4 years, classroom AV equipment is 5 years, and printers are kept until they are problematic.

When these devices reach the end of their lifecycle there are several options available for disposal. If the equipment is damaged or no longer working it should go directly to the recycler for disposal.

Options for computing and AV equipment that has reached the end of its lifecycle on campus that is
still in good working condition. In this order only:

  1. Sell to reseller for fair market value
  2. Donate to Hamilton Central School
  3. Donate to other reputable organizations
  1. All computers will be wiped completely using DoD before leaving Colgate University.
  2. All computers and AV equipment will be recorded on a spreadsheet and marked as “salvage” in the inventory database indicating where it went in the notes field prior to leaving campus.
  3. Computers will be sanitized using Department of Defense Standards and Guidelines prior to leaving campus. Any computer that goes to a reseller will require them to also sanitize and provide a certificate to Colgate ITS certifying that it has been done.

Audit and Compliance

Records need to be retained that reflect the equipment that has been salvaged to either a reseller or an organization as a donation. These records will be in the form of spreadsheets containing the serial number, a description of the type of equipment and the recipient. They will be stored in a shared Google Drive folder. Equipment will be marked as “salvaged” in our equipment inventory when it leaves campus and where it went will be entered in the notes field.