This complement to the University corporate card policy sets specific usage guidelines for ITS staff.


Spirit and Intent

This policy clearly defines approved usage of Colgate University corporate cards by ITS and the procedure for non-approved usage. The intent is to reduce unnecessary expenses, sales tax charges, overpaying for items, and improved awareness for budget managers.


Corporate credit cards may be utilized for: 

  1. All expenditures that cannot be purchased using a PO/invoice for their department.
  2. Training and travel expenses outlined in the Colgate University Travel Policy.

ITS staff corporate card usage is limited to training and travel expenses outlined in the Colgate University Travel Policy and approved by their director.

  1. The ITS administrative assistant is not limited to charging only training and travel expenses. For example, the ITS administrative assistant may use the corporate card for monthly recurring charges for services or items that directors or budget managers have authorized.
  2. A staff member may utilize their corporate credit card in non-emergency situations where the staff member and their director have agreed to the transaction being charged to the staff person's corporate card.
  3. A corporate card may be charged in emergency situations. For example, a campus event requires the purchase of a cable or adapter to avoid a failure at a time when the staff person cannot get approval from their director. In such a situation, it is permissible to go to the store and purchase the cable. The staff person's director should be informed of the charge as soon as possible.

Audit and Compliance

Failure to comply with this policy will result in revoked corporate card privileges. Depending on the severity of the non-compliance it may result in additional actions including official warning or termination.