Software, Hardware, and Printing

ITS offers hardware, software, and printing solutions across campus.

Description:  Colgate ITS manages the lifecycle of computer desktops, laptops, printers, and other peripheral devices.  When an employee is on-boarded, equipment is issued depending on the requirements of the role of the employee.  Equipment is replaced on a regular cycle which ensures deployed equipment is functioning in a way that supports each faculty and staff in the work they perform.  To see our list of recommended specs, visit our hardware page.

Availability: For Faculty & Staff


Requesting this Service: To discuss the timeline of your equipment replacement cycle, contact the IT Service Desk.

Description:  The equipment lending service provides short term use of a variety of equipment. Visit to browse a complete list of available equipment for loan.

Availability: For Faculty, students, and staff.  Certain items are only available for faculty and staff.

Prerequisites: An active Colgate account for borrowing.

Requesting this Service: Visit to browse and reserve equipment.

Description: ITS provides hardware repairs for Colgate-owned devices.

Availability: ITS issues Colgate-owned devices to faculty, students and staff.  The Colgate Bookstore offers repair services through a qualified third party for both Windows and Mac computers.

Prerequisites: Repairs that are performed on site or shipped to a facility for repair are for Colgate-owned and maintained hardware only.

Requesting this Service: Please contact the IT Service Desk for more information about this service.

Description:  Printing from office computers, public labs, and wirelessly through webprint are services ITS provides.  ITS maintains the print servers and printing hardware necessary for printing on campus.

Availability: For faculty, students, and staff.

Prerequisites:  Office and department printers must be added to an individual's device.  The device must be connected using an Ethernet network cable to the Colgate wired network, or to a wireless network other than "Guest."   The use of webprint requires a Colgate network account.

Requesting this Service: For faculty and staff wishing to add a printer to their computer, please contact the IT Service Desk.  Students may print from public labs where nearby printers are already added to the computers in those spaces.  To print from your personal device to a public printer, use

Description:  This offered service will assist you in setting up your software.  ITS provides software configuration for our supported software and will make a best effort support for all other software.

Availability: For Faculty, students, and staff.


Requesting this Service: Please contact the ITS Service Desk for more information about this service.

Description:  ITS provides many software options for productivity and creation.  Software agreements are typically negotiated through ITS to provide the best price and availability for the campus.  Increasingly, you can install software without making a request to ITS by using several self-service options.

Availability: Faculty & Staff, see our list of supported software.  Students can visit this page for a complete list of available software.


Requesting this Service: On a Colgate-owned and managed Windows computer, use the Software Center app on your computer for offerings and updates.  For Colgate-owned and managed Macs, use the Self Service app for offerings and updates.  For all other software, please contact the IT Service Desk for more information.

Description:  Amazon Web Services (AWS) Appstream allows users to remotely access Colgate licensed windows software such as Matlab, R, Maple, Stata, ArcGIS, Microsoft Office and the Adobe Creative Cloud suite. Appstream can also be used as a virtual Desktop, with all of the same look and functionality of a computer lab desktop.

Availability: For Faculty, students, and staff.


Requesting this Service: Read the instructions and follow the link on Colgate's Appstream resource page.

Related Services & Resources

Large volume and specialty printing is available at through University Printing.

Visit our Software for Classrooms page to see what software is available in classrooms.

The Colgate Bookstore offers a wide variety of tech offerings, including repair services for personally-owned computers.

Requesting Service

Contact the ITS Service Desk to request service.

Ask for Help

If you are unable to find the information you need in the documentation available online, the ITS Service Desk is available to assist.