We recognize that many in the Colgate community need to share files with outside parties from time to time and need a secure and effective way to do that.

Colgate Secure Share was set up in order to help you do just that. Secure Share enables you to share any files of any size with people outside of Colgate in a secure manner. You and your colleagues should use this service whenever sending or receiving files that contain protected (non-public) data and it is recommended to use this service to transfer any large files whether they contain protected data or not.


Instructions on how to use Secure Share to securely send files to colleagues and securely receive files
from colleagues follow:

First log into the Colgate Secure Share at https://secureshare.colgate.edu/

You will see a sign-in screen there that asks for your email, phone, or skype. You will enter your Colgate
email address to login (username@colgate.edu) and then click on the next button.

The next screen will ask for your password. Type in your password and then click on the sign in button.

This will take you to Colgate’s DUO multifactor authentication page and you will authenticate with Duo
as usual. The next page will ask you if you want to remain signed in and you will click on either the yes
button or the no button (either are fine but click on one of these buttons). There is also a box asking
whether you want to be asked again next time (you can choose to click or not click that box).
You will then be redirected to your secure inbox.

Secure Inbox

From your secure inbox you can initiate a secure file transfer by dragging the file(s) into the box on the
right that say drop file here or click on the add files button to select files from your computer. You
can also add a subject and message to your file transfer. You can use the default message options at the
bottom of the screen or choose your own options (they are all described on the page, and you can
choose whichever options suit your needs). Next simply click the send button and your files and
message will be securely transferred to your recipient(s).


You can also click on the FileLinks tab at the top of the page if you would simply like to send a link to an individual file to recipients.  This feature will create a unique link to that file with which you can share with whomever you choose. To use this feature simply drop or add the file, choose your options, and then click the blue create link button and then you will see an option to download this file if you wish to do so. Clicking on the FileLinks tab again will provide links to all the files that you have created a secure link to and you can share these links with whomever you choose.

File Requests

If you would like to securely receive files from another sender then simply click on the File Requests tab at the top of the page. Just click on the green new file request button and add the email of the sender along with a subject and message and choose your options then click the blue request file button. The sender will then receive an email with an option to easily attach and securely send files to you. These files will show up in your inbox which can be accessed as a drop-down option from the Secure Messages tab at the top of the screen. You will also receive an email with a secure link to download these files.