ITS provides many services to foster communication and collaboration providing tools like the traditional desktop phones to today's modern videoconferencing options as well as tools to help share and create information.

Available Services

 Description: SpectrumU cable streaming television service is provided for all students.  It includes nearly 150 live channels and on-demand content from several popular networks.

Availability: Students 

Prerequisites:  An active single-sign on account.  Must be on-campus to experience all channels.

Requesting this Service:  No need to request this service, visit and log in when prompted.

Description: Transform numbers to visuals for better understanding and assistance in decision making.  The Data Analytics and Decision Support team can provide options for data gathering and reporting and assist in creating visual charts, dashboards and more.

Availability: Faculty, students, and staff


Requesting this Service:  Contact the ITS Service Desk for more information.

Description: ITS provides voice communications through physical desktop and conference phones, as well as virtual desktop and mobile device phones.  ITS also provides voicemail service for phone extensions.  Conference calls can also be conducted using Zoom or Google Meet.

Availability: Faculty and Staff are issued a desk phone, extension number, and voicemail.

Prerequisites:  A wired Ethernet port is needed for each VOIP desk or conference phone.

Requesting this Service: The on-boarding process for Faculty and Staff includes the issuing of a phone, extension, and a voice-mailbox.  Should you need to request a change to any of those services, please contact the ITS Service Desk.  To borrow a conference phone, start at

To learn more about these services, see our Campus Phones and Telecommunications Page.

Description:  Fax online with eFax - the secure and simplified online faxing solution.  Send and receive faxes from anywhere using your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Availability: Faculty and Staff can request an eFax account.  ITS funds this service, there is no charge for this service.

Prerequisites:  An email address is required for the service.  Typically, a department email address is used.

Requesting this Service: Contact the ITS Service Desk to request service.

Description: The digital signage platform used across campus allows departments and areas of the University to host and manage the content of their own signage feeds.  Anyone can create an account and submit content, then a feed manager can approve the submitted digital material.   ITS provides hardware support for new and existing digital signage installations.  

Availability: Faculty and Staff

Prerequisites:  Please consult with the Office of University Communications before requesting new digital signage installations.

Requesting this Service: To submit content, please start here with instructions on obtaining a Concerto account.  To request support for hardware, contact the ITS Service Desk.

Description: Email is an ITS-supported service through Google's G Suite service.  This service also provides calendar, Google Docs, and much more.  Your Colgate email through G Suite can be accessed with a web browser or a mobile device app.  For enhanced security, two-step authentication is also available.  Students can also opt-in for email for life. 

Availability: Students, Faculty and Staff


Requesting this Service: Students and Employees are issued email as part of the on-boarding process.  Contact the ITS Service Desk to discuss the creation of a new department email address or the creation of a Google group online forum/email based group communication.  Alumni can request email for life by logging into the Alumni and Family Portal.

Description: Create and conduct online surveys using the Qualtrics platform.

Availability: Students, Faculty and Staff

Prerequisites:  An active Colgate network account.

Requesting this Service: Visit and look for the Qualtrics section.  Login with your Colgate network credentials and follow the instructions.

Description: Store data and interact with collaborators with shared file space.  ITS provides local network fileshare space for academic classes or departments.  Google Team Drive can also be used to share Google Drive documents within a team and owners of the Team Drive can control the membership and level of editing access.

Availability: Students, faculty, and staff.

Prerequisites:  An active network account or Colgate Gmail account.

Requesting this Service:  Contact the ITS Service Desk for a consultation and to request shared file storage.

Description: ITS provides several options for setting up and conducting a video conference.  Depending on your needs (such as screen-sharing, phone dial-in option, academic purposes) ITS can recommend the type of videoconferencing option that will work best for you.   To learn more about the supported video conference options available to you, please see this page.

Availability: Students, Faculty and Staff


Requesting this Service: The most popular video conferencing options are self-scheduled through Zoom or Google Meet.  To request a BlueJeans meeting, contact the ITS Service Desk.

Related Services & Resources

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User guides and feature comparisons for video conferencing can be found on our Video Conferencing page.

Information on updating or editing a department's webpage or your personal profile is provided by the Office of University Communications.

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Requesting Service

Contact the ITS Service Desk to request service.

Ask for Help

If you are unable to find the information you need in the documentation available online, the ITS Service Desk is available to assist.