Executive Advisory Committee

The Executive Advisory Committee provides guidance to faculty interested in participating in the Institute and selects proposed activities for support by the Institute. The committee is comprised of one member of each of the following departments, as selected by the department:

The Director of ENST serves ex officio. Committee members will normally serve two-year terms. The committee will be chaired by the Faculty Director.

Current membership

  • Dan Schult (Mathematics)
  • Ahmet Ay (Biology)
  • Jacob Goldberg (Chemistry)
  • Aaron Gember-Jacobson (Computer Science)
  • Mike Loranty (Geography)
  • Aubreya Adams (Geology)
  • Kiko Galvez (Physics and Astronomy)
  • Carrie Keating (Psychological and Brain Science)
  • Chris Henke (Director, Environmental Studies; ex officio)

Faculty Director

The Institute is administered by faculty director Dan Schult. The director is appointed by the President with advice from the Dean of the Faculty. The director normally serves a three-year term.

Administrative Assistant

Rene Beers is the administrative assistant for the Picker Interdisciplinary Science Institute. E-mail Rene at rbeers@colgate.edu or call 315-228-7347.

External Advisory Committee

The External Advisory Committee consists of outside individuals with interest and competence in the sciences who are in a position to support and provide advice to the institute. Members are appointed by the president with advice from the provost and the director of the institute to 3-year, renewable terms.

The Institute Director and the Provost will serve on the External Advisory Committee ex officio. The Committee will receive all announcements of Institute activities and copies of the annual reports filed by the Director and will meet jointly with the Executive Advisory Committee on an annual basis.